Next Gen Botanicals

We formulated Epothecary™, Made with Botanika™ and Botanika™ to provide pleasant, reliable effects. This enables you to combine the known benefits of herbal blends with your favorite personal vaporizer or ultrasonic diffuser to create an instant, holistic and pleasurable experience. We use high quality herbs along with all natural flavors to deliver  solutions that are gluten free, non-GMO, low glycemic index and non-toxic.


Our line of general health products, Epothecary, is described as the “Vape with Effect”.  Each formula delivers a distinct healthy effect wrapped in an amazing, all natural flavor profile. Epothecary has been available since 2015 and has staying power while other juice brands come and go. With Epothecary we address the daily needs of people looking for alternatives to things like coffee, energy drinks, sleeping pills and pharmaceuticals.


Botanika delivers a boost of energy plus support for stress, appetite and detox. Everything you need to move away from smoking and nicotine using an all natural, non toxic, pleasant experience. We created a proprietary blend of Green Tea, Yerba Mate, Passion Flower and Burdock.  These herbs are known to address the physiological effects consumers are looking for when reaching for a cigarette or nicotine vape. Two gentle stimulants, an herb for to help with stress and anxiety, appetite control and detoxification.


As an ingredient, Botanika™ represents a viable alternative to nicotine in popular eLiquids.  Juice makers and shops can continue to produce their existing flavors by replacing the nicotine with Botanika – giving smokers and nicotine vapers another viable alternative to help them on their path back to good health.

Botanika™ is a proprietary blend of botanical extracts that combine to deliver full spectrum support for moving away from smoking and nicotine. Smokers can typically move away from cigarettes without getting further addicted to nicotine. Vapers who have already quit smoking but continue to vape nicotine can typically move away from nicotine without feeling the withdrawal symptoms. Once clear of nicotine they can continue to vape for the healthy effects of Botanika.


When used properly, personal vaporizers, ultrasonic diffusers, nebulizers and CPAP machines are safe and effective for administering a variety of active ingredients. These devices use vaporized water to deliver active ingredients including essential oils for aromatherapy, steroids for asthma and breathing treatments for infants.

“A nebulizer or ultrasonic vaporizer is a delivery device used to administer medication in the form of a mist inhaled into the lungs. Nebulizers are commonly

used for the treatment of cystic fibrosis ,asthma , COPD and other respiratory diseases or disorders.” –

Nebulizers break up solutions and suspensions into small aerosol droplets that can be directly inhaled. This is the exact same process as when a personal vaporizer uses a heated coil (at the proper temperature) to break up aerosol droplets and deliver active ingredients like nicotine, cannabis, and botanicals via Inhalation.


Vaporization does not heat the active ingredients in a formula to a level that would cause a chemical composition change. The molecular structure of the botanical is not altered when administered via vaporization nor is it altered during ingestion. Therefore, the structure absorbed into the bloodstream is exactly the same whether it is contained in liquid (ingestion) or steam (vaporization).

“Intramolecular forces (bonding forces) exist within molecules and influence the chemical properties. Intermolecular forces exist between molecules and influence the physical properties. We can think of H20 in its three forms, ice, water and steam. In all three cases, the bond angles are the same, the dipole moment is the same, the molecular shape is the same and the hybridization of the oxygen is the same. However, the physical properties of H20 are very different in the three states.”

So, vaporization atomizes the active ingredients without changing their molecular composition. These ingredients are suspended in water droplets in the same state as when they are carried during ingestion. They do not change form and are passed into the bloodstream exactly as they would be if delivered via ingestion or diffusion. That allows us to draw a correlation between the safety and efficacy of herbal extracts that are used via ingestion or diffusion and the safety and efficacy of the herbal supplements delivered through vaporization.

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