Next Gen Botanicals

Our three-in-one EPOTHECARY™ Elixirs can be used as a tincture, in a diffuser or with a personal vaporizer. You’ll get the benefits of our Awake, Breathe, Calm, Enhance and Bliss blends - with a next generation twist - different levels of efficacy depending on your personal preferences.

Path 2

The All Natural AlTERNATIVE.

These Made with Botanika™ flavors deliver an all natural, non habit forming, non toxic, 100% Botanical alternative to smoking and nicotine. 



Vaporizers and Diffusers

Our next generation botanicals work with ultrasonic diffusers and personal vaporizers.  Vaporizers provide maximum efficacy while diffusers let you absorb active ingredients over time via aromatherapy.


No PMTA, No Flavor Bans!

Botanika™ is the non nicotine, non tobacco, 100% botanical alternative for consumers and manufacturers looking to move away from smoking and nicotine while still enjoying vaping.


How We Started

Two lifelong friends who both lost their fathers to lung disease, started Elixir with a mission to help people move away from smoking and pharmaceuticals.  They saw the potential of combining modern personal vaporizers with Traditional Chinese Medicine and started Elixir Distribution in 2015 to make this potential a reality.